A Natural Economy vs the Artificial Economy


                                               NATURAL ECONOMY                                            ARTIFICIAL ECONOMY

INFLATION                                      Sporadic, temporary                                                                         Inflation can occur even during a recession
                                                            On the average: none                                                                       On the average: constant. unrelenting. 

PRICES                                              Stable especially in the long term.                                                    All are constantly increasing.
                                                                                                                                                                      Some also fluctuate wildly.

INTEREST RATES                           Affected by market  demand.                                                           Totally controlled by edict. 

MONEY FOR LOANS                      Investors must make existing                                                           No limit of available funds.
                                                            money available.                                                                              Money is created by artificial means

NATIONAL DEBT                            Government must borrow from only those                                      Debt grows constantly and exponentially.

                                                            willing to buy government securities.                                              Government can borrow money created by

                                                            Government debt is high only in times of war.                                artificial means and never has to repay it. 

THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT       Limited in scope and influence.                                                         Monstrous. Able to monitor and control

                                                                                                                                                                      virtually everyone and everything.

STOCK MARKET                            The buyer owns and controls                                                            Stocks can be used in a short sale 

                                                           his stocks.                                                                                          driving the price down without

                                                                                                                                                                     the owner's knowledge or consent.

MONEY SUPPLY                             Naturally increases with increasing                                                 Increases orders of magnitude beyond

                                                            population.                                                                                       increasing population.

How can a Natural and Ethical Economy be established?

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Understanding the Artificial Economy

This video explains the evolution of the U.S. economy from a Natural Economy to an Artificial Economy from a unique perspective.  The period of Natural Economy existed basically from the start and allowed the U.S. to evolve from a frontier settlement to eventually become the richest country in the world.  However, in 1913 with the conversion to an Artificial Economy, there has been extreme boom and bust cycles, jobs shipped overseas, and overall economic decline. The richest country in the world now has the majority of families at or near the poverty level, a completely destroyed middle class, and 

rampant homelessness. The American Dream is now a nightmare.  Learn how it happened.