The solution to Directed Globalization is being addressed by President Trump.  He lowered corporate tax rates and realizes that the present trade deals are not fair.  Please give him your support. 

Why has no other past president, republican or democrat, showed concern for this obvious problem?  I think that this demonstrates the existence of an "establishment" and the cooperation of that establishment with regard to directed globalization. 

 However, I am in favor of zero corporate taxes. Corporations get the money to pay the taxes from their customers. It is a hidden tax on all of us. All taxes should be up-front. 

 Otherwise, establishing an ethical economy within the present environment would appear to be an impossible task. First, going back to the gold standard is impossible. The central banks own and control most of the gold. Any other commodity can be dominated and controlled by the rich and powerful.   

 Second, how do we challenge the Federal Reserve, the most powerful corporation in the world?  It has the ability to cause economic chaos at any time and the Federal Reserve Act that protects it from federal, state, and local taxes and protects it from AUDIT!  Nobody, except insiders, can find out exactly how much money is created or where that money goes.   

 Achieving zero inflation with a paper currency cannot easily be done. I have thought about this for a long time. The answer came from, of all places, Switzerland.  It was called the “Sovereign Money Movement” and was the first attempt at reducing inflation.  An article on this movement stated that “Contrary to popular opinion, most of the increase in money in circulation occurs with the local bank and not the central bank.”  If the central bank increases the money supply by One Trillion Dollars, usually by financing government debt, that money is spent and as it works its way through the banking system, the banks can lend another NINE TRILLION DOLLARS based on using that money for the 10% reserve requirement.   

 The basic principle of "Sovereign Money Movement" was to limit the expansion of currency to the central bank only.  The movement was not successful because they wanted to change the 10% reserve requirement to 100% in one jump.  But increasing the reserve requirement slowly, over 5 to 10 years from the present 10% to 100% would reduce the inflation rate by 90%.  The goal is zero but that would be a huge first step.  

 Of course the Federal Reserve could negate the effect of 100% reserve requirement by lending banks money, that they create out of nothing, that banks could use to lend at a higher interest rate. But hopefully media attention would be generated and maybe enough people would figure out the scam.  "Audit the Fed" might be a new protest chant. That would be incredible!   

 Whether or not that happens, the second step is to require the Federal Reserve or some other governing body to maintain a stable currency, which means zero inflation.  The currency would have to only increase with increasing population and increased foreign demand.  Even being close to zero inflation would be infinitely better than the present expansion.   


 The biggest problem will be government deficit spending.  Government borrowing will have to be financed by people willing to lend money to the government.  Since this source of financing is limited and expensive, government budgets will have to be cut to practical and sustainable levels. 

 That does not mean that no prices will rise. The economic principle of supply and demand would still be in effect. This would especially true with real estate. There will be the effects of the shortage of land and government interference with development. The shortage of land is mainly artificial due to 250 million acres claimed by the Federal government. Bureaucratic approvals, zoning laws, and fees interfere with development.   

 If enough people learn the problem and agree with the solution, it will get done.  People would then be able to save for their own retirement and any attempt at engineering globalization would result in reduced salaries which would definitely be noticed. The reduction of unsustainable social programs would enable the federal government to balance the budget. This is a long term plan. It took 20 years to establish unethical control of the economy and that cannot be undone quickly.    

 I admit that I do not have any experience starting a movement.   I welcome any help or suggestions.